About Uncle Vickie

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but summertime was split between Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. As time moved forward, all my school summers, were in Atlanta, GA with my sister and her father

Peabo Bryson 2x Grammy award winner . ​

My Aunt taught me piano, my uncle taught me how to harmonize. Me and my sister had no choice but to sit in the studio and listen for hours to music being created, by her father. Music was all around me growing up. 

I travel a lot and this is how my travel page came to life.  Although I live in the United States, it's different in each state and a lot to see. ​​

I miss Brooklyn and I do visit. It is the greatest melting pot of people just living and that is what I really miss. This is the reason why I like traveling so much. Meeting different people is the joy of this world. 

 I also want to  be able to look back and say, yes I visited that place. 

I believe I have shared enough, (lol) follow me on social media and learn more about me.