Updated: Sep 7

Is Memphis, worth visiting? Quick answer, YES! But stay out the rough parts, lol. Airport, Hotel, Beale Street, Graceland, Hotel, Airport, lol. Just Saying. On a serious note, Memphis is know for the BBQ. Yes, food is a serious conversation. When I was a meat eater, the BBQ was everything, so there is really no bad place in Memphis when it comes to BBQ. Now when it comes to vegan options, there was nothing for me compare, so what did I eat? Air of course, lol, and then they is always a Beyond burger on a menu. As a vegan I was out of luck, but for you meat eaters, the BBQ is swinging. Now the hotel I stayed at is located in West Memphis (near the airport) called Southland Casino Hotel. The room was amazing and this hotel was just built. The staff at the desk was southern sweet. (To my New Yorkers, don't come to the desk with that fast pace service, this is the sweet south customer service, they will get the job done) The other hotel I stayed at was Graceland. I am a huge fan of Elvis! I'll talk more about this hotel another time.

Beale Street is where everything is happening, especially at night. The city at night is freakin beautiful. The music and food will have you on a natural high, not that other kind, lol.

Yes I did get my t-shirt. I have posted videos on my Instagram account take a look and don't be shy. Comment, Follow me and Share.

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