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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, as Vickie Byer but, known as, "Uncle Vickie" to the world. Uncle Vickie was raised by her mom, stepfather, and her older sister. At the age of seven years old Uncle Vickie sister moved to live with her father in Atlanta, GA. Uncle Vickie summers was split between Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. Uncle Vickie's aunt taught her piano at the age of six and her uncle taught her how to harmonize vocally, as well as the church choir. Uncle Vickie's mother kept her in the church choir for years. Uncle Vickie sang solo's as well. As time moved forward, all her school summers were in Atlanta, GA with her sister. 

Uncle Vickie and her sister had no choice but to sit in the studio and listen for hours to music being created, by her sister father, two-Grammy winner Peabo Bryson and his producers. Music was all around Uncle Vickie growing up, as if she didn't have a choice. In high school Uncle Vickie sung in the church choir, and won the talent show her senior year in high school. Not only did she win the talent show, she wrote a high school play for her drama class and had leading role in the play as well. The school play was preformed in front of the entire school and parents. Although Uncle Vickie struggled with dyslexia she continued to write and self-published her book, which is available for purchase around the world.  After High school, Uncle Vickie moved to Atlanta and was a guest rapper with a local rock group named, "Urban Grind". Being under age did not stop Uncle Vickie from sneaking into the clubs, because she was determine to be on stage. 

As time moved on, Uncle Vickie became a single mother of a baby girl and had to put her music career somewhat to the side. Although Uncle Vickie wasn't able to pursue music a hundred percent of the time, she continued to learn music, learn different instruments and find the music niche that really speaks to her. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, with her wife, daughter and other family members. ​Uncle Vickie also wrote and co-produced the WNBA Atlanta Dreams team song 2021 and it was played everywhere.  Uncle Vickie has released her new long-awaited single called, "Scream loud", which is  available on all streaming platforms . Uncle Vickie had a life battle with COVID-19 and won and still fighting the battle against her weight journey, which she was  close to 400 pounds. Uncle Vickie is a fighter and is determine to fight for the dream she wants.  It's been a tough road for Uncle Vickie. Being a single parent, being overweight, not the right size for the music world,  and hospitalized for COVID-19. There is more to Uncle Vickie story, but for now, she wants to encourage others to fight for their dreams and NEVER give up. 

            The first question everyone wants to ask is, how did she come up with the name, "Uncle Vickie"?                     

Long story short ..

A co-worker gave Uncle Vickie her name. Her co-worker had just started with the company and lost her husband unexpectedly. Uncle Vickie went over to her house in support of her.  She introduced Vickie to her family as, "Uncle Vickie". She told everyone that Uncle Vickie was like her brother, but still her sister. Uncle Vickie loved her reasoning, so she kept the name. She has been, " UNCLE VICKIE " ever since. 

(A Special Thank you DD)  

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