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My Songs.

The music Uncle Vickie creates always have a meaning to it and behind it. Uncle Vickie has been producing, writing, dancing and make believing she was on stage since the age of six years old. Uncle Vickie knows there are a lot of music being put into the world, but does the music have meaning behind it the question. 

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The Meaning Behind the Song.

1. Scream Loud -

Inside I was always scared to do the kind of music I wanted to do, because I don't see anyone that looks like do doing rock. There was a foreclosure happening, my daughter dealing with life and my health is an ongoing battle. I need to SCREAM LOUD, just like everyone else in the world.  Click Here for Promo Video

2. Feel My Pain- 

I wrote this song during the time the world was closed. I made this song for everyone and I mean everyone. If you listen to words, anyone can relate. Regardless of color or job title. I have friends in my life that I can family, that I love dearly and we all have pain. 


3. Fight 4 Me- 

I created this song for the LGBT+ community, which includes myself. It's being a woman, black, overweight, a lesbians' and then to have a daughter. Darn right, I need everyone to fight for me, us and them. 


4. Bring The Love In - Being married allows a different kind of love that can't be explain, but I did my best explaining what love should feel like and how it should sound. 

5. I  Am Woman - 

The original song hit me so hard, that I had to choice but to put my spin on it. The name says it all! 

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